Surveying Pool Tile Choices for my Houston Remodel

Choosing the right pool tiling and pool surface materials is without a doubt the most stressful decision you’ll make remodeling or building an inground pool. For remodeling, it practically is the only thing that can make your project feel like it was a success and worth the hassle.

After examining all pool surfacing materials I was torn between the marble “hydrazzo” and the pebbles “Stonescapes”.

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Ultimately I chose the marble surface because of the 10 year warranty and it’s smoother to the touch.

As for pool tiles, these I want as a water line mosaic running from the pool coping to about one or inches below the water surface.

Similar to this:

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I know those tiles look a bit “loud” however my tastes are such. Also when you consider the fact that pool tiling is the only design portion that you can really customize to your specific liking and go overboard in color combinations and patterned layouts, then you can feel subdued if you choose something too safe, too mainstream.

So the custom tiles are on order and I’ll be updating this post with pictures of the remodel progress.


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