Top 5 Pool Renovation Projects Trending in San Antonio

San Antonio residents love their pools! And the money spent on remodeling projects each year shows it. Renovation projects are costly even if you’re an experienced pool contractor who wants to handle the labor yourself; the huge cost of pool materials can’t be avoided. Here are some of the most popular pool projects we’re seeing in the San Antonio area:

1. LED Pool Lighting

With the energy savings over floodlighting and the endless array of color choices, it’s easy to see why LED lighting is becoming a standard selection in any pool remodeling plan.

2. Salt Water Conversion

South Texas residents are typically frugal in their pool equipment choices. Now they are understanding how much cheaper a salt water system is to maintain versus chlorine. Plus with less regular access to salt water beaches than pool owners in Florida and California, many residents love the idea of converting away from chlorine.

3. Waterline Tiles and Coping

For the pool project on a tight budget, the best value spent toward refreshing the appearance of a pool is always in the coping and waterline tiles. These border areas draw the most eye attention and are much cheaper to upgrade than doing a full resurfacing of the pool. Check out the vast selection of waterline tiles that Blue Science offers.

4. Pool Automation Systems

Along the same trend of lowering maintenance costs, many San Antonio residents are outsourcing their pool cleaning duties to robotic cleaners, combined with automated pool cover enclosures. These pool technologies are available to pools of any age and pay for themselves in the long run. You can get familiar with some of the options on

5. Pool Resurfacing

The only thing keeping this renovation from being the #1 project is the price. Nothing beats a full pool resurfacing for refreshing your pool’s beauty and giving it new longevity. A pool resurfacing project presents the opportunity to move away from cheaper less durable plasters and into quartz, marble, or pebble finishes. The difference can not be understated! Check out the pool surfacing options provided by


Austin TX Pool Design Strategies

The goal of owning a gorgeous pool at your Austin residence that you’re proud of and can’t stop looking at is a wonderful thing. However aside from beauty and design there’s a few other aspects that pool lovers need to take into consideration during the 3D planning stages.

Cleaning & Maintenance

You can save yourself a lot of time by properly selecting your pool’s cleaning equipment. Unless you want to spend more time cleaning the pool than swimming in it, you’ll want to take some time to understand a few things. Sanitizing systems come in many variations and offer varying options. Automatic pool cleaners might be necessary. Finally, you can design your pool to use automatic control systems to regulate the water temperature, pH, and filtration.

Luxury Tax

Certain types pool materials can be exponentially more than similar looking ones. Since exotic shades of marble and quartz operate on a higher margin-lower volume sales structure in the Austin area, they can push the price of your pool build to abnormal levels. Sometimes simply changing out luxury pool finishes for something more conventional can reduce your total cost by 25%.

Pool Safety

Safety is more than just non-slip coping and proper fencing. Here’s a few things to think about:

  • Is the pool lighted for night time swimming?
  • Are your tile, coping, and plaster fixtures smooth and without shape edges?
  • What is the voltage of feature lights around the pool?
  • Is the pool deep enough for activities such as jumping and diving?

Seeking the Most Skillful Hands for a Dallas Pool Renovation

For a pool remodeling project on one of my luxury rent houses, I want the best team of guys available. The old saying “You get what you pay for” isn’t really true in many aspects of life. If so, you could just pick the highest priced service and expect to have no worries, stress, or doubts about the quality of workmanship you’re receiving. Hah! The quality is directly proportional to the experience, skill, and motivation of each individual contract worker. How often in life have you met someone who is damn good at his job, far better than his coworkers, yet he’s paid the same as the rest. It is just the reality of staffing. So in searching for the best pool construction company, I’m not going to be able to know beforehand, what type of team they are going to send, what type of synergy they have, and how motivated they are to do their best possible work. Instead I’m going to talk to the managers and consultants and have to base my decision off of their competence and knowledge.

Thus far a few companies have stood out, Blue Science who claims to have the “ultimate pool remodeling experience” and a smaller company who contracts out their renovation projects yet stays involved in the process.

Looking at photo after photo of beautifully designed pools online is quite addicting. A little like shopping for that new house or car, you begin to see possibilities you didn’t know existed.

Surveying Pool Tile Choices for my Houston Remodel

Choosing the right pool tiling and pool surface materials is without a doubt the most stressful decision you’ll make remodeling or building an inground pool. For remodeling, it practically is the only thing that can make your project feel like it was a success and worth the hassle.

After examining all pool surfacing materials I was torn between the marble “hydrazzo” and the pebbles “Stonescapes”.

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Ultimately I chose the marble surface because of the 10 year warranty and it’s smoother to the touch.

As for pool tiles, these I want as a water line mosaic running from the pool coping to about one or inches below the water surface.

Similar to this:

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I know those tiles look a bit “loud” however my tastes are such. Also when you consider the fact that pool tiling is the only design portion that you can really customize to your specific liking and go overboard in color combinations and patterned layouts, then you can feel subdued if you choose something too safe, too mainstream.

So the custom tiles are on order and I’ll be updating this post with pictures of the remodel progress.