Top 5 Pool Renovation Projects Trending in San Antonio

San Antonio residents love their pools! And the money spent on remodeling projects each year shows it. Renovation projects are costly even if you’re an experienced pool contractor who wants to handle the labor yourself; the huge cost of pool materials can’t be avoided. Here are some of the most popular pool projects we’re seeing in the San Antonio area:

1. LED Pool Lighting

With the energy savings over floodlighting and the endless array of color choices, it’s easy to see why LED lighting is becoming a standard selection in any pool remodeling plan.

2. Salt Water Conversion

South Texas residents are typically frugal in their pool equipment choices. Now they are understanding how much cheaper a salt water system is to maintain versus chlorine. Plus with less regular access to salt water beaches than pool owners in Florida and California, many residents love the idea of converting away from chlorine.

3. Waterline Tiles and Coping

For the pool project on a tight budget, the best value spent toward refreshing the appearance of a pool is always in the coping and waterline tiles. These border areas draw the most eye attention and are much cheaper to upgrade than doing a full resurfacing of the pool. Check out the vast selection of waterline tiles that Blue Science offers.

4. Pool Automation Systems

Along the same trend of lowering maintenance costs, many San Antonio residents are outsourcing their pool cleaning duties to robotic cleaners, combined with automated pool cover enclosures. These pool technologies are available to pools of any age and pay for themselves in the long run. You can get familiar with some of the options on

5. Pool Resurfacing

The only thing keeping this renovation from being the #1 project is the price. Nothing beats a full pool resurfacing for refreshing your pool’s beauty and giving it new longevity. A pool resurfacing project presents the opportunity to move away from cheaper less durable plasters and into quartz, marble, or pebble finishes. The difference can not be understated! Check out the pool surfacing options provided by